Built from a Heritage shell, total nut and bolt rebuild and re-trim with polyflex bushes, spax telescopic suspension , fitted 1600 k-series engine running on fuel injection with Ford 5 speed type 9 gearbox (as fitted to Caterham 7) 180bhp/ton. 


1965, Tartan Red, Heritage Certificate, Running a 1275 on 45 DCOE, New Gearbox, Fast Road spec, Unleaded Head conversion, £7000 professional restoration.     


1972, Glazier white, Original Blue Velour interior, Original bill of sale from University Motors (9/11/72 £1608.00), Very low mileage of 25,700, Undersealed from new, Overdrive in 3rd and 4th.     

MGB – XOO34L Flame Red


1973 MGB running totally standard Engine …etc. Reason for visit to Lenhoy Classics Workshops – This MGB had been stored in a Garage in Rochester for the last 9 years and was undergoing a slow Restoration and required transporting to Lenhoy Classics to complete the restoration and gain an MOT so the owner could enjoy the last of the Summer Sun. The MGB had a number of issues relating to Fuel, Mechanical  and Electrical Problems – all likely caused through long term storage deterioration. MGB passed its MOT in Oct 2014 and the Owner has enjoyed its use since. Car is likely to return to Lenhoy Classics for further upgrades/Restoration.



1969 MGBGT running totally standard Engine …etc. Reason for visit to Lenhoy Classics Workshops - Restoration required on Corrosion to floor/spring hangers/Boot floor and jacking point, Front and Rear wheel bearings have excessive play, numerous Electrical issues and Brake malfunction.

This lovely MG has since returned for an Electronic ignition upgrade.

MGBGT –  MPX 236J Metallic Blue


1971 MGBGT converted to 1800 K Series Injection running a Ford 5 Speed Gearbox – Bumpers removed for Customer styling. Reason for visit to Lenhoy Classics  Workshops – Major wiring issues with integration of K series Loom to original MGB Loom  (shorting and a fire hazard), Suspension Bushes badly worn and the Head Lining needed removing re-doing.

1972 MG Midget RWA – 1275cc

Came into the Lenhoy Classics workshop for restoration to the Engine exhaust/inlet manifold gasket, Sill restoration and general fixes.  


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