TONY CAESARI - Lotus Maintenance & Tuning

"Just a quick note to say many thanks to Paul and all at Lenhoy Classics for doing such a sterling job collecting and setting up my Lotus suspension + engine tune, not just a great service on the car, but an enthusiastic and professional service all round"

NIGEL PARRY- Mini Restoration

"Lenhoy Classics completed a superb restoration on my Mini (the surf blue one shown on their website). They travelled to South Wales to pick up the shell for restoration. All of the work was completed on site in their well equipped workshop. Throughout the rebuild I was kept fully informed of the progress via telephone and photographs. At all times they were positive to my requests for changes in the build specification, and when they discovered unanticipated issues, we discussed the options fully before going ahead. In summary, I found Lenhoy Classics, professional, friendly, and completed the work to a very high standard. I would unreservedly recommend to others considering using Lenhoy Classics services"   

DAVID OSBORNE - Master Technician and MOT Tester

"I have been conducting MOT's for the owner of Lenhoy Classics for a number of years . The Quality of the Restorations and Rebuild Workmanship are simply amazing with such attention to detail and its always a pleasure to MOT his Cars. The Cars are always presented immaculate inside and out with supporting History details to assist with the MOT process. Being a Ford employee for 26yrs (Master Technician for 14 years) and having conducted MOT's for the last 20 years I have first hand experience of the Quality of Cars being offered up for MOT's and I have no reservations about recommending Lenhoy Classics to anyone considering placing work with them"     

TODD ROWLANDS - Classic Transportation

"Lenhoy Classics recently moved my Classic Mini from Northampton to Dunmow. The pickup was arranged at very short notice and the service was fantastic (and competitively priced) with very punctual arrival at the arranged collection address. I witnessed a very professional loading and strapping down of my Classic Mini (my pride and joy) with the same level of Care being exercised at the destination address. Lenhoy Classics kept me  informed of the estimated arrival time so that I could prepare my Garage and ensure the access drive was clear. Thank you Lenhoy Classics I will use you again and recommend this service to my Friends and Colleagues"

MARK CONN – Flame Red MGB – Transportation/Maintenance & Tuning

"Lenhoy Classics recently moved by MGB from Kent to Hertfordshire – with a few weeks pit stop at the their premises. The transportation was seemless; a punctual pick-up, professional loading and strapping down with caring touch along the way. A competitive priced service I’d recommend time and time again.

The maintenance was to get the car going after a nine year laid-up cover. Various new parts, servicing, tuning and attention to detail got the car through it’s MOT! Good advice also given on how to get my ‘Historic’ Road Tax. I was kept up to date on progress and agreed notice on any large expenditure. On the whole, a very professional service and I’ll be going back for more! An enthusiastic and professional service all round"  

FLOYD MOODY - Metallic Blue MGB GT - Restoration & Transportation

"Paul demonstrated what a versatile and capable technician he is by doing 3 jobs on my MG B GT that all needed different skills.  He diagnosed then repaired an electrical fault that had burnt some of the loom under the dash, replaced the wishbone bushes and finally, stuck the headlining back into place. Replacing the bushes is fairly straightforward but the other two jobs Paul did aren't so. Electrical problems can be very time consuming and not everyone will take them on. The headlining was a tricky job with not a lot of room for error, the result looks good. On top of that, Paul also collected the vehicle demonstrating what a complete service he's able to offer. I'm very grateful to Paul, communication was good at all times, all the work has been well done and I would have no problem in going back to Lenhoy Classics for further work"

JEFF JEFFRIES - Jaguar XK8 4.2 Convertible - Sourcing, Assessment & Purchase Evaluation

"I recently asked Lenhoy Classics to find me a Jaguar XK8 and I told them that I was looking for a low mileage, mint condition, with as few owners as poss with investment potential. They were very proactive, screening cars daily and reporting back to me. They explained that we had to act swiftly as the very best cars usually sell quickly. We travelled at very short notice with Lenhoy Classics making all enquires and subsequent appointments in advance. Lenhoy Classics soon identified potential concerns with a very thorough assessment process viewing the cars in minute detail. They were also extremely thorough in examining all the supporting documentation to ensure these matched the sellers claims and also, in order to validate the service history he phoned the service depts at various Jaguar dealers to get further info to prove a cars provenance. The total service given by Lenhoy Classics was exceptional, very professional, personal and cost effective (I probably would have bought the the first shiny car I saw!). Thank you Lenhoy Classics for guiding me through the whole buying process. I am now the very proud owner of a 2003, 45k,fsh,mint condition XK8 convertible and I would recommend anyone to use Lenhoy Classics to source and assess any car, let alone a classic or a potential classic like my Jaguar"

And More Recently.....

I thought you would like to know that my Jaguar XK8 which you sourced for me has been to Marshalls Jaguar at Cambridge for a health check and guess what? It passed not only with flying colours but with distinction!

The customer service manager came out with the workshop manager and announced to all those who wanted to hear" ME "that my car which you found is the finest example of that age car he has ever seen. So once again thanks for all your hard work, technical expertise and persistence.

MARK WHEELER - Mini Sprite - Restoration

"After many years of neglect my 1993 Mini Sprite was in need of some TLC (a lot of TLC!).  I had heard about Lenhoy Classics and after speaking with Paul I knew he was the man for the job.  Lenhoy Classics collected my Mini and started work on it straight away.  During the restoration I was kept fully informed of all the work to be undertaken.  All in all Lenhoy Classics completed a wonderful job with the restoration of my Mini, I really enjoyed working with Paul as a professional and as an individual"

DANNY HARROD - MK Indy R1 - Sourcing, Assessment & Purchase Evaluation

"After much deliberation and a "discussion" with my girlfriend, I decided to take the plunge into the world of Kit-Cars.  The one flaw in my master plan; I knew absolutely nothing about them!!!

So after a chat with my close friend Mr Wheeler, located above me, I decided that Paul was the man for the job.

I sat down with Paul and we decided on a particular Make and Spec; MK Indy with a Yamaha R1 engine. Exactly what Paul had built for himself back in 2000. I was also pleasantly surprised to know that Paul had often discussed potential improvements to the car with Martin Keenan (MK) himself.

So I left Paul to it, and within a few hours he had located one for me, only problem was, that it was in Belfast.

After a lot of pondering I decided against the trip (mainly because I'm a terrible flyer) but also because another MK had just been advertised in Norwich. So Paul liaised with the chap and on Saturday off we went on the 4hr round trip, on arrival the car was sitting there in the garage and she looked great, in my mind I had already bought her, especially after I was taken for a quick spin, the performance of the car was truly mind boggling, the closest thing to motorbike performance on 4 wheels.

Once I had placed my organs firmly back inside my body, we left Paul to carry out his vehicle assessment, and lucky we did, as once Paul got started a whole manner of things came up which were far from ideal.

Firstly the fact that the 2010 chassis was completely rusty, the sump had an oil leak and the interior looked like it had been built by a 5 year old with a rusty Mecano set.

As you can imagine we bid good day to the owner and started our 2 hour journey home. After an hour of driving and chatting, the Belfast MK came back up, and we decided that it maybe a good idea for Paul to chat with the guy to extract some more information.

After a long discussion and me explaining to Paul about my logical fear of flying, Paul was booked onto a flight for Ireland on Tuesday.

I patiently waited at work for the call from Paul, with time standing still I was like a coiled spring too nervous/excited to actually work. And then at 12pm he called, I immediately answered and Paul filled me in with all the details, of which the car had been extremely well cared for and this was "The One". After a bit of a logistical nightmare the car was booked onto a ferry for Saturday as an unattended vehicle, and I would meet it in Liverpool and drive it the 4 hour journey home, certainly a good chance to learn how to drive a sequential box!!

And what a car it is, it's everything I hoped it would be and more.

All of this was possible thanks to Paul putting himself out, and for his vast knowledge. I couldn't recommend him enough, he is a true professional and most importantly a genuinely nice guy.

I look forward to many happy trips in my MK and il be staying in touch with Paul not only to work on the car but socially as well"

PAUL & TONY BEESLEY - Westfield - Restoration

"We have just had some major chassis repairs done to son Paul's Westfield by PAUL LUCAS who owns and runs LENHOY CLASSICS based just North of Bishops Stortford. He did a superb job and we simply wanted to recommend him to you as it is difficult to find such an enthusiast who really understands the amateur sport we are in and who has the tools, equipment and experience to turn his hand to almost anything. He is well into his motorsport and has in fact competed in many of our sprints in his Kawasaki RWD classic Mini that he built and hopes to be out soon in a bike engined single seater which he has also built. He really is worth a call and NO, I am not related or on commission!"


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