Sales Agent Service

Are you interested in selling your classic car? We can offer help and advice based on our knowledge and experience of the classic car market.

Perhaps you wish to avoid selling your car too cheaply through a Dealer. Or maybe you lack confidence in selling it privately. In either case, you might benefit from using Lenhoy Classics as a Sales Agent.

Selling your classic car via our agency selling service has the following advantages -

We can:

• evaluate the key selling points.

• compile an advertisement for a sale via the internet.

• tap into specialist markets to broaden the selling opportunities.

• make recommendations regarding the pricing of your vehicle.

• prepare the car for sale.

• manage all the enquiries/viewings on your behalf.

• negotiate a best price and agree the sale.

Please note that:

• Throughout this process, the car would remain secure in your garage.

• There is a legal agreement covering the responsibilities of both the seller and the agent.

Lenhoy Classics Sales Agent services offer an exceptional value proposition, when compared to alternative methods. For a personalised quotation please contact us on 01279 777687 or 07866 339451. Alternatively via e-mail at or submit an enquiry via our CONTACT page.


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